DIY Faux Midnight Ceiling


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7 thoughts on “DIY Faux Midnight Ceiling

  1. Love this! I did a daytime sky for my daughter’s room several years ago, but love the idea of a nighttime sky. Just wondered what kind of starts you used. Are they hard plastic or stickers, and are they glow-in-the-dark? Did you apply with their self-adhesive or how did you attach to get them to stay so well for so long? Do you think it would work to use a small stencil and just pounce some glow-in-the-dark paint, or do you think the applied stars would work better? Sorry for so many questions! Thanks!

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    • Julie,
      Thanks for your kind words. No problem with questions, let’s just take one at a time. The stars are hard plastic with a sticky back. I just peeled away the paper backing and stuck them to the ceiling. Yes…they glow in the dark…still even after all these years. Using a stencil would work, but it’s harder to do and get random patterns like the stars…I think either one is a good option, but I think it was easier for me with the stick-on stars. Please also note that my son was already 6 or 7 years he wasn’t at risk for putting a star in his mouth if one did fall. We also don’t have any indoor pets. I would encourage you to also include these points as you consider which option is best for you. Please get back in touch if you have other questions. It is a pleasure to share info with you.
      All the best with your ceiling,


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