12 thoughts on “Easy DIY Oversized Letters for Walls and Shelves

  1. Oh wow, 1440s?!! The mind boggles.
    I am totally with you. I had an idea to fill my hallway wall with a gallery of photos. I need things to line up and be level, so I got out my graph paper and my #2 pencils and a tape measure and went to town organising my wall. Im so happy with the result!
    Your letters look fab, I might be able to do something like that in my spare room!

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  2. Love the letters and the story!! I’m right there with you on the 1970’s. Wait, I was literally right there with you in the 1970’s!!! I was probably standing behind you in Ms Oliver’s class waiting to trim my #2 pencil!! 😉

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  3. I took drafting and design in high school so yes, I had many flash backs! My kids would say that the 1970’s were the old days! haha The letters look great. I like the way you painted them. I like the gears with them. Good way to pull it all together.

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  4. When I made the desk for my granddaughter’s school house, I took craft spray glue and lightly applied my paper templates to the wood. I used the edge of the paper as my cutting lines. It was easier than trying to trace the paper that wanted to curl. Peel the paper off and clean the glue residue with paint thinner;
    I love your blog! I need more time to do the projects! Do you have any ideals on kitchen cabinet hardware? I am refurbishing my red oak cabinets. I am staining them dark and I have used rubbed bronze light fixtures. Thanks for your help!

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