How to Compost Without A Compost Bin


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4 thoughts on “How to Compost Without A Compost Bin

  1. I’m a city kid and growing up my mom just did potted plants. My sister decided to go the Green Acres route. I’m always amazed at beautiful, creative, landscaping. Great idea with the worms. Creepy but great. I’ve always felt the same about the compost bins. Yuck, when everything then needs to be transferred to the soil. I looked around and saw that you have lots of other great projects. Thanks for sharing.

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    • Hi Roz,
      Thanks for sharing your story. I come from rural Kentucky where the soil is rich and supple. My family had a farm…flower beds…vegetable garden…the whole enchilada. I’ve never seen anything like this Georgia clay…and never seen any work as well as coaxing earthworms to do the tilling. Tomorrow’s post is a DIY frame w/ a DIY canvas w/ DIY artwork. It’s a frugal challenge. Hope you will stop by and see my new masterpiece. lol. Best, Suz


  2. I know that soil! My parents have it every where in middle TN too. It’s awful. My parents had just re-contoured their landscaping around the house and decided to put a fence up. Digging those post holes was like tiling through concrete. They had to go back to the store and rent one of those big augers that you can sit in and drive. The handheld one wasn’t enough. Good for her for finding a way to get around it. Thanks for sharing on Merry Monday!

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