35 thoughts on “DIY Artwork: Make Canvas, Painting, and Frame

    • This wall hanging looks great!!!I inherited
      NO art genes:( but you have imagination, and you’re resourceful, which is great!I would not frame it-I’d leave it simple:)

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    • IDK exactly….I just dabbed and stroked with either a sponge brush or bristle brush.. I had about six different colors of paint open and somehow..it came together. Thx for comment…appreciate it very much. And…sure to can…just work the paint…if a color gets out of hand..let it dry and then go over it. Can’t really bring it back to the begining, but can at least make adjustment.


  1. The main thing…I think…is to get good drapery liner. Make sure it is a good quality with a slick side. Get a little extra and practice to get a feel for how the cloth and the paint will interact. They will tell you how they will work together. Your eyes and hands will need to be patient and listen. Once you understand how the medium will respond…you are good to go.


  2. It’s a perfect fit for that spot, Very clever with the dark colors on top to draw the eye away from the railing…..it is extremely satisfying when an idea comes together as this one clearly has, drapery liner, who knew! Ty for sharing!

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  7. About the frame – did you miter the corners? What type of lattice did you use – outdoor lattice that you took apart? Did you sand it smooth first? Thank you.


    • In the molding section, there is a flat molding called lattice molding. It is sold by the foot. I did not miter the corners, I just used a butt joint and the filled in the tiny cracks with wood filler. Then sanded the wood filler. The lattice molding is pretty smooth, but I gave it a light sanding just to prevent splinters. The entire frame was painted with Americana Decor chalk paint in Carbon color.


  8. i love it! Going to attempt to recreate for a big bald spot in my living room! I love how some of the patterns overlap! Did you stencil on the back of the canvas to create that look or just go lighter on the paint in overlapping areas?

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  10. I really love this. Would it be possible to create this on an actual (possibly primed) stretched canvas? or even a canvas board? Or is the fabric porous and does it take the paint differently? Thanks so much!

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    • Thanks for your sweet words. Appreciate so much. Yes, I would think that this look could be recreated on other types of canvas. The trick, I think, is to manipulate the paint and brush with a technique that would copy. I used lots of dry brushing. Please come back if you have any trouble and we will work through it together. In the meantime, the very best as you get going. Wishing you great success and enjoyment from your finished piece.


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