Eat-In Kitchen Nook Full Redo Reveal


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26 thoughts on “Eat-In Kitchen Nook Full Redo Reveal

  1. What an inspiration! Love of family and home is evident in every detail of the make-over. That little nook is as welcoming as a warm hug after a long journey.

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  2. Wow!! What a project! First off, I love you even HAVE a nook in your house 🙂 Second off, where did you get that centerpiece of the vase with the pink flowers and sticks??? Gorgeous!

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    • TY so much, Celeste. I hope you stop by and comment often. Your kind words bless me so much. I made the centerpiece using stuff I had around here. I only had to buy a couple of things. It’s super easy. If you’d like to see how it goes together, I’ll whip up a little something for you. Thx again. You rock!


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  4. I LOVE your flip!!! Cannot believe how great the changes look. You have been blessed with a great talent!! Love your blog. Sorry I don’t get a chance to comment very often. Love you & hope you have a great weekend…

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