9 thoughts on “The Buzz About Beeswax for Nourishing Wood Furniture

  1. The difference is amazing! Should I use on my grandmother’s China cabinet before I get around to painting/distressing it? I don’t know when I will get around to redoing it. It is very dry and dull.

    Thanks for the info on Daddy Van’ s!

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    • I am going to use on my wood dining room set next. The wax does leave a film that would repel water so the china cabinet would require sanding before painting to remove the wax. My good pieces will get nourished with beeswax and not painted. The finishes are in perfect condition, just dull. I expect the beeswax will fix this. Then I can accessorize with smaller painted pieces. I will keep you updated how things progress. Presently, I’m cracking open another new product and will fill you in on these details tonight or tomorrow.


      • I watched the tutorial for Daddy Van’s Decorative Wax and it looked great. Are you planning to review it? It comes in a true brown (no pink, purple, or red tint) and shadow black and is made specifically for milk and chalk-type paints (that’s mostly what I use). I have a small piece I have held off on waxing until I found the right product. Daddy Van’s Decorative Wax looks like it will fill the bill! I’m so excited! Will let you know how it comes out (with photos). Ordering today!

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  2. Wow, it looks so different and practically brand new!. I’ve never tried beeswax either, I tend to just paint over the wood. But next time I find a piece that is in good condition I’m definitely going to try beeswax!

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    • Thx for commenting, Katy. I was so amazed at the change that I had to write the post. I was planning to shabby-up those wall shelves and use as textural pieces, but after the beeswax….I just didn’t have the heart. I just used as them in all their wooded glory and love them. 🙂


  3. Waxing is one step I usually skip out on for a lot of projects, but this really changes my mind! I have an old wood table that just looks dry and thirsty, I wonder if I should do some beeswax! Did you end up liking the product that you used? Have you used any other beeswax products? Also, I love the corbels as bookends!

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    • Hey Crystal…I found the comment in the archives…ok…a lot of wood that looks old and gets painted just needs treating with a moisturizer/nourisher. But wax is wax so if you apply..and decided you didn’t like it…it would have to be removed before painting. Yes. I liked the product I used very much. No, I have not used other products. Are there other products I might like better? Yes…yes there could be…but Daddy Van’s worked very well on very thirsty wood. And, thx so much for the nice compliment. I like the corbels as bookends, too. They are inside my china hutch at the moment. Thx for expanding the conversation. We need to explore all products available to find the ones we like best.


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