3 thoughts on “Lessons from a Practice Piece

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  2. I’m so sorry you had a bad experience with homemade chalkpaint!! That’s never happened to me, and I make my own chalkpaint with the plaster of Paris. I would imagine that your powder to paint ratio was too high, causing the white powder to lighten your dark paint. Maybe try it again? I’ve got a recipe on my blog…somewhere

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    • Thank you for the offer to help, but I mixed the same recipe in red paint and it was fine. I’ve had comments from others that the plaster of Paris with indigo/violet families of colors have often changed colors with the PofP additive. In these series of posts, I will circle back to the homemade recipes. I have all of the various ingredients here. But for this particular new product additive, I wanted Poppies tested in the exact paint that turned colors. I plan to write a dedicated post about the violet family. It’s being researched now. Thx again..I’ll keep you updated with what I learn.


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