8 thoughts on “Melamine Bath Vanity Refinished without Stripping, Sanding, or Priming (Part I)

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  3. Fantastic project!!! You’ve inspired me to paint my 1990’s melamine kitchen cabinets with this technique. Question: did you wax the surface after painting, or leave it as-is? How has the finish held up so far? In a kitchen (with three teenagers using it), I need durability 🙂 Thanks!

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    • No. I did not wax, but I used semigloss paint. The durability is fine on my cabinet, but it does not get rough use. Three teens will be rough. For my kitchen, I used a professional. There’s another post on my blog called Tips for Working with a Professional. I had them remove the melamine shell, seal the particle board that was underneath, then paint, glaze, and seal the cabinet. These have withstood the tough kitchen conditions. Good luck!! Let me know if you have additional questions.


      • Thanks for the reply!! Wow – that sounds like a huge undertaking with the kitchen cabinets, no? Would love to see a photo of the end result if you wouldn’t mind. These cabinets were very high-end in their day, and they are in perfect condition. Just UGLY with the 90’s oak trim.

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  4. This is awful to admit, but here goes. My blog was outgrowing its little space and was migrated to another hosting site in January. During the import, 25 posts did not migrate. Grrr. This is why the melamine bath vanity redo is caught over on the old blog site. A thousand apologies. Instead of just copying the posts, I am reshooting and rewriting the posts to bring them over. This will be a good thing for you because you will get new photos. In the meantime, a couple of things might be helpful. (1) Visit my post on Tips for Working with the Pros on the (www.thechelseaprojectblog.wordpress.com) site. It will explain how I got my thoughts organized and kept them organized as I talked to different pros. Careful to not compare apples and oranges. And, (2) there is a free ebook called the Ultimate Guide to Painting Kitchens over at my friend’s blog (www.thekimsixfix.com). Over 200 bloggers share their tips and tricks. I’m at the very end….hand drawn plans and all. 🙂 LOL.. Nobody else used a pro….so I’m practically the whole section…LOL. See how these resources work and get back to me. As soon as I get a sunny day, I’ll push to get the photos knocked out…in your honor!! The new site….which I’d love for you to visit and tell me what you think….is (www.thechelseaproject.com)… Take care and keep in touch. Susie 🙂


    • Finally had a chance to look at the website… It’s BEAUTIFUL! Love the photos, the clean layout, and the variety of topics. (Especially the food thrown in… I am TOTALLY making that trifle.)

      Inspired by your vanity re-do, and reading the recommended posts about chalk paint that you sent me, I have invested in my industrial-sized jug of Poppies Paint Powder, and will be embarking on the [somewhat intimidating] project of painting my laminate cabinets. Not sure when painting will commence, but you’ll be the first to know 😉


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