21 thoughts on “Vintage Boxspring to Wall Art

  1. Love, Love, Love this! I am envious of your vintage coil boxspring find – it was totally worth the effort in getting it home! The layered styling is vin-tabulous and the table under it is sized perfect!

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  2. I must say I would never in a million years thought of using that, but it IS like a piece of sculpture and your layering skills are genius and just, WOW! Fantastic! Dayum!

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  3. I just had a thought *alert the media* it’s like a quilt, made of metal. That graphic vibe you get from some quilts, like that. My words aren’t coming together very well tonight, sorry….

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    • @ Dee – I have two vintage box springs, not oozing with character like Sue’s coil springs in this wonderful piece of art, but the flat wire with narrow springs on the ends. Your metal quilt description has breathed new inspiration into my brain that may shorten their current life sentence in storage to something repurposed … metal quilt… you got me thinking now thanks!

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    • Oh my. Thanks so much. I’m encouraged by your kind words. And yes, I truly hope you find a set, too. The other night, I saw two sets of full-sized box springs turned into ceiling lights at a restaurant. It was so amazing!! But, I can’t imagine trying to get that hung.. Lol.


    • Yes, Linda! It surely was worth all of the work. And, I got an email from my neighbor just yesterday saying how much they appreciated the old box springs getting a new life. I’m now an official Upcycling addict. It’s great fun! Thanks so much for the visit and kind words!


  4. I’m so glad to see this…partly because I love it and partly because it confirms that I’m NOT out of my mind like some people have told me because I have a box spring hanging on my wall too! Mine is a much smaller crib mattress size though. It looks great how you’ve decorated around it.


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