12 thoughts on “DIY Woven Jute Lampshade

  1. Wow! I think that looks great! You are so clever and have the patience of a saint. The unraveling part would have had me unraveled. I love it! I love the color of the base too. You truly amaze me.


  2. Wow that is the biggest labour of love I have seen this wk with all the trouble that Jute gave you! Just in time for Halloween too – if you buy an old style (b4 the curly mercury ones) CLEAR (not frosted) light bulb that lamp will throw the coolest spider web designs on the walls and roof – post a pic if you do – the kid in me always loves those cheap tricks! 🙂

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      • I recently installed a farmhouse hanging light with a squirrel cage over the bulb. It is harder to find those old incandescent bulbs and I grabbed some 60W Clear ones that made the shadows. Other than the cool shadows, the clear bulb was way too hard on the eyes so I soon switched it back to frosted or soft white bulbs that throw no shadows. It only worked with the clear ones that you can see the little wire inside (just one simple wire, that are nothing compared to the popular Edison bulbs that all have neat different coils inside of them). The Clear bulb was fun for the novelty shadows but got old pretty quick due to the glare but I think would be fun for Halloween just like a purple/black bulb is fun at this time of yr too! I decorate for all holidays and have fun changing the bulb color in one of my table lamps that it is clear acrylic circle of horses theme design so you see the color – green at Xmas, red for Valentine’s day, yellow or purple for Easter – you could have fun with dif colors to show off your unique lamp too!

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  3. Susie this is absolutely gorgeous! Leave it to us crazy bloggers to think that soil erosion jute is gorgeous! I love that it looks like it just came from the earth. All natural and the colors of the bottom of the lamp look like some kind of stone. At the farm we find a lot of stones in the earth. They can be a real pain but here I think you can see the analogy. I feel ya Susie, lover of twine jute and all things natural.

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