17 thoughts on “DIY Christmas Tree Sized to Fit Your Space

  1. Love sharing crafty ideas with you dear friend… Your cutie pie tree is PERFECT! You are such a clever thing, with such a great design eye. (Now to get you some wooden skis, lol! :))

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  2. Just adorable. Has anyone ever told you what an incredible storyteller you are? We used to have a wagon like that many years ago but we had to sell it when we moved across the pond… I remember it fondly, althought mine didn’t have a christmas tree in it.

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      • Pondering how you did this with wrapping garland just solved a dilemma I have in a Christmas decoration I am making. I have been stalking our Cdn Prairies version of CL for old un-lit xmas trees to reuse the branches in the various lengths to wrap, wire and make fit and duh I have a big box of pine garland I think will work to wrap and repurpose like you did! Need to take off a few cones and twigs but it should do the job! Maybe it is karma all the trees have been sold before I get there – I just had to wait for a post of inspiration from you and the light to come on! Today it is like one of those new fangled spiral mercury light bulb ones that take a minute or two to warm up before fully lit – ugh! Thanks for reducing my project cost and more so — the bulk of no longer loved decorations I accumulate and still hoard unused for years!!

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  3. Wow Susie! You are definitely resourceful like nobody’s business! My father was a mechanical engineer but I shy away from projects like this. You make it sound so easy! It really is perfect! I have my son’s old wagon that I’ve never used for Christmas decorating. Might just be time to pull that thing out! Thanks for linking up over at our Vintage Charm Party! xoKathleen

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    • Thanks, Kathleen. So happy to hear you have a wagon you can whip out for the season. I just put out a few pieces of my husband’s electric train when he was a little boy. Remember Lionel trains in the late 1950s-1960s? It’s so totally awesome and vintage. Love these old toys!


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