DIY Painted Floor – Subfloor


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13 thoughts on “DIY Painted Floor – Subfloor

  1. That wild woman showed up at my house too! Erm….I have ripped up the carpet out of every house I’ve owned. Since money was always an issue, I’d opt to paint it. It’s great fun and you can really showcase your originality! Great work on your floor. It looks beautiful! 😀


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    • Yes….but suggest to use paint made for high traffic and high humidity….like porch paint. I faux painted my stair steps (post coming soon) using porch paint last Oct. when the air was very dry. It still took 8 weeks to fully cure. I may need to do a follow-up post about the subfloor. it’s all about the prime and the cure. And Yes. My floor looks good as new, but gets very little traffic and is covered by a throw rug. My stair steps also look good as new and get hammered.


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