Powder Room Make Over with Bookcase Concealing Tub/Shower and Melamine Vanity Refinish


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12 thoughts on “Powder Room Make Over with Bookcase Concealing Tub/Shower and Melamine Vanity Refinish

    • Thanks so much. And, yes, I do feel all warm fuzzy when in there. My mom is now in assisted living with Alzheimer’s. When I visited her last week, I showed her pictures of the pillows. Her face perked up and she said, “Where’d you get those crocheted pieces?” I explained that she had given them to me before she moved out of her condo. She just smiled so sweetly and recalled making them in great detail. She seemed so happy to have remembered. It was so nice to help her find a moment in her past.


      • That is so sweet, Sue! What a wonderful gift you gave your mom by allowing her to recall those fond memories. My heart goes out to you as I know what a difficult disease Alzheimer’s is, especially for the family members. Those little moments of clarity are precious.


  1. I took care of my Mom for over 10 years after she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, until my own health caused me to be unable to continue. She lived a few more years before passing away. I was able to spark her memory a few times like you did, and it was always such a pleasure when for a few brief moments, she remembered who I was and some of the wonderful times we had together. I still have a giggle when I remember she told a friend about that ‘bossy woman who comes in and moves her things around’ (talking about me). ; ) I tried not to be bossy!

    Love what you did here, that looks so elegant!

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  2. I came over from Prodigal Pieces in need of a makeover for my Melamine Vanity too and haven’t left yet -clicking to follow the trail on every aspect of this bathroom makeover – it is amazing! I just subscribed to your blog so I can continue to be amazed – thanks!

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