17 thoughts on “DIY Floating Bookcase

  1. Susie, I love your blog! Your son is one blessed young man to have a mother like you. You can tell you put so much love into redecorating his bedroom. I love so many of your ideas & wish my son still lived at home. I would have my husband do some of the things you’ve done. I’m sure he would love your instructions!! You lost me at “furring strips”! LOL God bless you & keep up the good work!!

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    • Thank you so very much. A room redo at the college age was difficult. I considered just making it a guest room, but then it wouldn’t be his room anymore. And, since one of my quests is to repurpose what I have…it only made sense to use spare parts. More projects are coming that won’t be as labor intensive. I tried to just be clever with items in new ways. I Hope you can follow along and send questions. If you have something you would like to repurpose, we can just think about that, too. Thx again for your very kind words. I am inspired to do more and share more because of them. Bless you and your family.


  2. Love your tips and attention to detail, such as “when you go to the home improvement center take the measurements with you…. they may cut the strips and lumber for you.”

    It’s obvious you enjoy sharing your knowledge. Keep it up!

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