25 thoughts on “How to Get A Custom Drapery Look from Ready-Made Panels

  1. Great job. I didn’t even know about the fray spray. I have long windows and can never find panels long enough. 😦 Thanks for sharing. I am also attempting to makeover my rooms in 30 days!! I’m already behind in the dining room. 😦

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  4. Nice job! One thing you didn’t mention is that if you’re adding length to a drape, and if the pattern on the fabric is one that needs to match because of the repeat in the pattern, it can be a bit more of a difficult endeavor. 😉 The panels you used seemed to work quite well because the repeat is rather small, thus avoiding any problems with matching up the two panels.
    One can also widen panels too using basically the same method you described. However that’s where one really gets into issues if the fabric’s repeat is wide! So word of advice to sewing novices: If you’re doing this as a first time project, it may be easier to start with drapery panels that are plain fabric. 🙂

    Yes, you can get 96″ length drapery panels in some stores but you’re right, anything over that length is usually a custom order.

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  5. Same for me: This “Of course!” solution never occurred to me, although I’ve been frustrated by the short lengths available. This is a great idea if you’re ordering online and the length you want is either unavailable or simply out of stock. I have a question: For stationary or “dummy” panels, do you use full width rods, or a version that is the same width of the panel? On a fairly narrow or single window, it’s not such a big issue. On a very wide window wall with stationary panels, the long empty expanse of rod looks weird to me, especially if there is a center support bracket. Suggestions?

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    • I actually made the rods these drapes are on out of furring strips and eye hooks. It’s not hard and cost about $5.00 for the entire window. If you would like a post on making them, I took photos and can write it up over the weekend. Thx for your kind words and for stopping by.


    • …oh and I thought the same thing about the long expanse of rod without a drape. Weird. That’s why I built the woodwork behind. Check out the post Board and Batten without Miters or Nails. You’ll be surprised. It’s just glued together….like paper dolls. Lol.


  6. Love this idea! I also bought 84″ store bought panels for my kitchen doorwall and lengthened hem. I took it a step further and used the extra panel plus one add’l panel and recovered my seat cushions and made placemats! Just found your blog today and I love it!

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    • TY so much! Hope you will follow along and keep making these great comments! I had a little bit of fabric left over and made a kitchen skirt for the pantry nook. Baaaaaarrely had enough. LOL. I have a little more to finish before the main kitchen entry redo is posted. Thx again.


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  10. Hey Suzie! I love this tutorial. It’s so helpful to see it start to finish. I never would’ve thought of using bonding tape so I’m thinking my living room windows now have a chance at 108″ long curtains. Ha! The weights make all the difference. Nice touch! Also, I’ve gotta say, your warm colors are refreshing when all I’m seeing lately are cool grays. Beautiful job! …and snazzy shoes 🙂

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    • Hi Sarah,
      Thanks so much. I was amazed at the difference it made to the overall look to simply lift the drapes to the ceiling. I usually make drapes with fabric that is sold by the yard, but these ready-made panels came out to about $7.00/yard. So…not bad and I didn’t have to line them. Thanks again for your sweet comments. I look forward to trying some of your yummy recipes. XO


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