HomeMade Chalk Paint Gone Wild


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17 thoughts on “HomeMade Chalk Paint Gone Wild

      • No. Since then, I have refinished several pieces using chalk paint. I just cleaned each piece well and painted…the only sanding was to distress….and they were great. Waxed a couple and used poly on a couple…I expect you will have a good experience. Just take your time and do everything well. Good luck.


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  2. I’ve never tried making my own, just spend the extra $ to save time. But I have had some wierd things happen even with store bought chalk paint, especially with the wax marketed with the chalk paints. But you persevered and the end result looks great 🙂


  3. I wished to painting a dresser in a dark and rich violet, and the diy mixing become a ligh purple. I painted before the dresser with a primer and took the risk to add black paint to my diy chalk paint, and the result was a darker purple. In the end, i finish the dresser with another mic of Americana decor clear wax and metallic silver. That made de ooops! a WOW!

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    • How wonderful!!! I’m so glad it worked out!! I’d would be so happy to see a picture of how you fixed your flop… Lol. It seems the violet group of pigments do not like home chalk paint…since this happened to both of us. I used Plaster of Paris…how did you mix yours?


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